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Premium Kitchen Now at factory cost

Why us !

  • No Design Charge

  • No Showroom Margin

  • Direct factory sales

  • 100 % Waterproof

  • 10 Years Warranty

  • A turnkey Interior

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How it works

  • Product: Laminate, Veneer, Lacquer, Glass, PU

  • We can make any customized furniture

  • Material: 100% waterproof with 10 years warranty

  • Pasting Method: Cold press pasting for 100% bubble-free

  • Cutting process: Seamless cutting and trimming with CNC process 

  • Banding Process: High-quality CNC machine banding finish

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How we promote

  • Free site measurement for perfect design and quote

  • Margin free Estimate from direct factory

  • Get a unique design with very latest design ideas

  • Very realistic 3d design at no cost

  • Any customized design as per your room size

  • For more details chat with us

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